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“You, with your words like knives
And swords and weapons that you use against me
You have knocked me off my feet again
Got me feeling like I'm nothing
You, with your voice like nails on a chalkboard
Calling me out when I'm wounded
You picking on the weaker man”

(3rd person P.O.V.)
You were walking down the halls to your next class, textbooks in hand and pencil case slipping out of your grip. As it fell, you were shoved into the lockers, crashing down like your pencil case. You heard its contents scatter across the hall, then cruel laughter. It took a few seconds for your eyes to refocus on a very familiar figure, and it wasn’t like you weren’t expecting this to happen; it happened every day.

“Idiota,” a deep male voice growled. His voice was like nails on a chalkboard; it sent shivers down your spine and you couldn’t get it out of your head. That voice belonged to the one and only Lovino Vargas, head of the soccer team and rumoured mafia affiliate.
You didn’t say anything, hoping he would just leave you alone. Every day since you transferred to Hetalia High halfway through grade nine, he had been on your tail following you and insulting you whenever there was an opportunity. You didn’t let it show, but his words really hurt you. You thought that you guys could be friends, but as soon as you extended the hand of friendship to him, he shot it down with a glare and a string of colourful words.

“Are you deaf, ragazza? Get up. You’re pitiful,” he snarled. You looked into his honey eyes, caught in his sights like a deer caught in a car’s headlights just before it died. But there was something different this time. It might have been your imagination, but you swore you saw his eyes soften for a fraction of a second and a light pink dust his cheeks as he quickly turned away from you.
“Please stop it…” you gasp desperately, backing up into the lockers. Your sides throbbed and so did your heart, though you wondered about the latter. He scoffed at you and left as the final bell rang, signifying the start of the last period.
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, but you clenched your jaw and managed to hold them back in.

“You can take me down with just one single blow
But you don't know, what you don't know...

Someday I'll be living in a big ol' city
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?”

As soon as the bell for dismissal rang, you stuffed your binder and textbooks into your bag, then sprinted out of the classroom. Lovino was in your last class, which other girls were jealous of you for, but you thought much differently. You were lucky today; you were faster leaving the class than he was and you made it home safely. Though you were breaking a sweat from running a fair distance with your heavy bag, it was well worth it.

As soon as you got to your room, you tossed your bag into a corner and flopped on the bed, face buried in your pillow. You let all your emotions out. Tears soaked your pillow within seconds and you could feel your sides wracked with your uncontrollable sobs. Why was he so mean to you? You were only trying to be nice to him! And the only thing you got back in return was abuse and swear words! He shoved you consistently, adding new bruises to your arms every day, spread rumours about you behind your back, insulted you to your face, made fun of every one of your successes, and the classic: he fired spitballs into your hair every class when the teacher wasn’t paying attention. What was his problem?! … or what was yours? Still, despite his harsh personality, you felt yourself being drawn to him. Was it his beautiful honey eyes… ? … his blush every time someone touched his curl? No! Stop thinking about him! That was so wrong and disgusting! He’s been nothing but mean to you since the second you met him! The polar opposite of his brother Feliciano!!!

What you needed to do now was just focus on getting into (university/college of choice). Your marks were stellar, but they were slowly falling since Lovino had destroyed some of your assignments or threatened you so he could copy yours. But after you got into (university/college), you wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore. After you graduate, you’d be strong enough so he couldn’t hurt you anymore. If you ever came in contact with him after high school, that is.  

“You, with your switching sides
And your wildfire lies and your humiliation
You have pointed out my flaws again
As if I don't already see them
I walk with my head down
Trying to block you out 'cause I'll never impress you
I just wanna feel okay again”

As soon as you pushed open the school doors leading to the atrium, you felt all eyes on you and heard lots of whispering. You made your way to your locker, and you couldn’t help but overhear some of their conversations.
“Did you heard about (Name)?”
“I heard she’s such a slut!”
“She slept with the entire football team because they wanted help in math, and she said there was a price!”
“I heard that she buys her clothes at a second-hand store all the time!”
“I heard she stole things from stores because she was so poor she couldn’t afford to do anything else…”
“I thought she was a druggie…”
“… loser”
“… queer”
“… pig”

So the rumours flew. You could deal with that; it was only a few more months until graduation and you already were accepted to (university/college); all you needed to do was maintain your marks. You would never have to see these people ever again. But one rumour made you snap:

“I heard that she bullied Vargas because she was so in love with him!”

What the HELL?! That rumour could NOT be any more inaccurate!! You hated (or so you thought) Lovino’s guts, and if he were right there at that moment, you would have ripped him a new one. You knew you could never impress him or become his friend, but humiliating you and spreading these rumours… pointing out your every flaw… you were sick and tired of it. It was getting so old. You tried to bear it in silence, hoping that one day that he would come to his senses and finally realize what a jackass he really was, but no. All you wanted to be was normal, or even being ignored was better than being scrutinized by Vargas. That was never going to happen. That last rumour you heard just crossed the line. And you; YOU, bullying HIM? Hah! You were going to have a ‘little chat’ with him before fifth period, and this time, you weren’t going to be nice about it anymore.

“I bet you got pushed around
Somebody made you cold
But the cycle ends right now
'Cause you can't lead me down that road
And you don't know, what you don't know…

Someday I'll be living in a big ol' city
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?

And I can see you years from now in a bar
Talking over a football game
With that same big loud opinion
But nobody's listening
Washed up and ranting about the same old bitter things
Drunk and grumbling on about how I can't sing
But all you are is mean”

You were walking down the hall you were dreading all day; the rumours had sparked courage in you at the beginning of the day but it was fading fast. When you saw Lovino, he was already approaching you. But what happened next, he never saw coming: you slammed him against the locker with all your strength and pushed him to the floor. People stared at you in shock; the weird nerd just pushed the soccer team captain to the ground?
“The rumours are true!” you heard someone gasp. At that moment, you wished to strangle whoever said that.
“Everyone, get out of here. Vargas and I need to have a ‘little chat.’” You made bunny quotes with your fingers as you sent death glares to everyone who dared make eye contact with you. You smirked; they didn’t think you had it in you, did they?

As the hall cleared, Lovino was still on the ground.
“Hey, idiot.” You greeted him with the same greeting he gave you, but in English. As soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted it. Now you were becoming just like him. A lump formed in your throat at this realization, and your will to carry through with this plan crumbled before your very eyes. Lovino looked at you, anticipating your next move. When his eyes met yours, you bowed your head, utterly ashamed of yourself.
“(N-Name)…” he stuttered, completely shocked but uninjured. His eyes swirled with many emotions: confusion, hurt, shock, anger… and… regret?
“I’m sorry,” you said as you ran. You were just like him now.

You locked yourself in a stall in the girls’ washroom, chastising yourself. ‘I… I’m just like him…’ you thought as you buried your face in your hands. Small sobs escaped. Contemplating what you just did, you came to the realization that people don’t just happen to be mean. There must be some reason behind his cruelty; you were just the object that Lovino released his anger upon. He was like an injured animal, and he needed someone. But no one was there; they only compared him to his brother Feli, who was nothing but perfect. You knew how that felt, to be constantly compared to someone better than you, knowing that you could never be as good as they were.

And if things kept going the way they were, you knew it wouldn’t be good for the both of you. It had to stop.

“All you are is mean
And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life
And mean, and mean, and mean, and mean

But someday I'll be living in a big ol' city
And all you're ever gonna be is mean, yeah
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so?...”

You wiped your tears away, then left the washroom. You had to fix this. As you turned the corner, what you saw next shocked you: Lovino was waiting outside for you. You decided to approach him and own up to your actions, but he spoke first.
“Idiota,” he scowled at you. The first thoughts that went through your mind were automatic: ‘What a jerk! Pathetic loser! Ass!’ But you stopped the words from filling your head and reminded yourself that you had something to fix. Or rather, someone.
“I’m sorry, Lovino,” you apologized again, hoping that he wouldn’t hurt you.
“I’m sorry for whatever that made you hate me, and I’m sorry for hurting you back.”
“…” he crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall.
“I’m sorry that you were hurt and that you have to take it out on someone else.”
“Me? Hurt? Who are you joking, ragazza?” he gave a cocky laugh, but you could definitely hear his underlying pain.
“Lovino,” your voice turned softer, hoping he would just listen. At least he wasn’t walking away or hurting you right now. “If you don’t open yourself up, you’ll continue to hurt,”
“I’m fine. Leave me alone,” he tore his eyes away from you.
“No. I want to help.” You hesitantly put a hand on his arm. He flinched, but didn’t move away.
“I don’t need your help. Besides, all I’ve done is hurt you. Why would you want to help me?”
“That wasn’t the real you, was it?” You asked hopefully. Silence. “Lovino, I’ll be there if you need someone.”

“Someday I'll be living in a big ol' city (Why you gotta be so?..)
And all you're ever gonna be is mean (Why you gotta be so?..)
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me (Why you gotta be so?..)
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?”

(Lovino’s P.O.V.)
To tell the truth, I have everything but hated (Name) the moment I met her. Her openness, her friendliness, her kindness; everything would disappear as soon as she got to know me. I was rude, angry, hating; she was beautiful, kind, perfect. She would have never wanted to be friends with me in the first place. And if she were to befriend me, she would abandon me like the others and run to Feliciano, the ‘dream-Lovino’ my parents have always wanted me to be like. He was everything I could never be.

But today… (Name)’s sincerity made me cry. As soon as she left for class, I went back home, tears rolling down my cheeks. How could I not see how important she was to me? She was like a lifeline; she was trying to help while all I’ve done is hurt her and push her further and further away, to the point of abusing her. I realized I needed (Name) in my life. She was the only one that truly understood; truly cared.

I need to go to her now.
Or else I may never get a chance in life again.
Or I’ll never get to tell her how much I love her.

(3rd person P.O.V.)
It’s been ten minutes since you got back from school, and you were feeling terrible about where you left the Lovino situation at.
“Hey, (Name)!” your mother called. She was home early from work, and was watching TV. “Someone’s at the door, asking for you!” You rushed down the staircase and saw that it was Lovino.
“Hi, Lovino. Do you want to come in?”
“Sure, thanks.” As you closed the door and spared a quick glance at the Italian, you noticed his eyes were red. From crying…? No, Lovino would never cry.
“Do you want to come up to my room to talk?”

When you got to your room, Lovino began to rant.
“I’m really sorry, (Name), for all the years I’ve been rude to you. I’m sorry for constantly hurting you and treating you terribly while all you tried to do was be my friend… I was just hurt, I guess. I could never be as perfect as Feliciano, and… even my parents don’t like who I am. I just feel so rejected and alone sometimes, and that no one really cares about me. I shouldn’t have said the things I did, and I never really meant them. I never really meant them because… I… never mind.” He sighed, and sat on your bed. You blushed. It was like a dream come true; he finally apologized and realized what a jerk he was! But…
“You never meant it because…?” you asked. His blush deepened.

(Lovino’s P.O.V.)
Oh, crap. How was I going to tell her this? I would be lucky if she accepts my apologies… I can’t just ask her out. My head spun at the thought of being rejected again, but this time by (Name).
“Because… I…” I stuttered. I can’t do this.
“Lovino, just say it. It’ll help lessen the hurt.” (Name) said. Her (e/c) eyes held mine for a fraction of a second before I tore my focus away from her perfect face, framed with her (h/c) hair. It looked so pretty when it was down… Wait. Focus.
“I…” I tried again, still unable to speak. The HELL. Stuttering? Me? What was wrong with me?! Screw it. I held her face in between my hands and pressed my lips against hers. I felt her stiffen up, but then loosen. She kissed me back, and that was the moment I knew that I didn’t have to pretend to be someone else anymore.

“Because… ti amo, (Name),” I finally said, blushing, yet smiling at my own words.
“I love you too…” she shyly smiles back. My heart skips a beat, and I pull her in close to me. I never want to lose her.
“Aww, now that’s just mean!”
2nd fan(song)fic ever~~ song "Mean" by Taylor Swift
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Romano (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You are yours~~ unless you want to Lovi's :)

Plot and story is mine. Take it and I will report you D:<

On the brighter side of life... :
I hope you like it~
Also see my America x Reader here: [link]

And France x reader x England: [link]

And Norway x reader: [link]

Over 400 :iconfavoriteplz: and 7000 views?! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :iconglompplz:
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Thank you for your opinion, but I think it's also cliche to hang on to old hurts and grudges. I agree the plot was quite fast-paced (this was one of my first fanfictions I've ever written, and it was over 2 years ago so you'll have to forgive me for that inconsistency), but I don't want to rewrite the ending again because 1) it's been up so long, 2) the ending is needed for what I think would be appropriate as an "x Reader", and 3)... I'm lazy. :'3
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