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(2nd person P.O.V.)

“Hey, (Name)!” Alfred Jones, your boisterous American best friend came bounding up to you as he hollered your name down the hallways of Hetalia High. It was the last day of exams, and you and a few other friends had just finished with physics.

“Whaat.” You moaned, still stuck thinking about vectors and kinematics. You knew you messed up somewhere… on the exact same question you learned how to solve at the beginning of the semester. Cue mental facepalm here.

“… and we’re gonna go out for ice cream after that!” Alfred linked arms with you and pulled you down the main stairwell to meet up with some of your other friends.

“Um, sorry I kind of tuned out for a second; could you repeat the plans before ice cream?”

“On July first, we’re going to hang out at the mall and get my favourite burgers, see Iron Man 3 in theatres, then go for ice cream. And you know who’s going to be there with us, right?” Alfred winked at you slyly, knowing of your crush on his Canadian brother. You blushed immediately and looked away. How could you not like Matthew? He was the sweetest guy you knew! And his beautiful purple eyes and blonde hair… his shy personality… everything about him was perfect to you.

“Sure, I’ll go. But for the ice cream only. Not for you or anyone else.” You grumbled. Lies. You were only going for Matthew Williams, and Alfred knew that. But he didn’t say anything.

“Yeah, yeah. Also: pool party and sleepover at my house! I’ll drive to your house and wait for you, then we’ll go to the mall from there.”

Strange. Alfred was never usually this prepared or organized unless it came to his crazy superhero schemes. So… what could he be planning now?

“Alright. It’s all good, Alfie.” You grinned when you saw his grimace at your pet name you gave him.

“Fine, yeah, dudette.” He affectionately rubbed your head and put you in a headlock as you approached your friends.

“Yo, guys, (Name) can make it!”

“Oh, (Name), that’s wonderful!” Elizabeta smiled as she clung to Roderich’s arm. Roderich’s face remained with his fixed, slightly annoyed expression but he nodded in acknowledgement.

“See you there, chica!” Antonio hugged you. Little did he know a pair of purple eyes was jealously watching the scene unravel around his you and his older brother. Even Lili, Francis, Mathias, Arthur (because he was Alfred’s older brother), and Ivan were going to be there. But with these few that were invited, then came along Vash, Allistor, the rest of the Nordics, and… well, of course, Natalia.

And wait… one more person:

“(Name) can make it? Awesome, but not as awesome as me! Kesesese!” Gilbert laughed.

--Timeskip: July 1st – and you finally stopped thinking about physics!! --

“GAAAH.” You threw your hands up in frustration as you tore your closet apart. Alfred was already outside waiting in his car for you, and you were running late for a very special occasion.

Usually you didn’t care what you wore, but today was a certain somebody’s birthday. And you wanted to look your very best for him. “THERE’S NOTHING TO WEAR!!” You sighed loudly as you flopped down onto your bed, almost giving up. Until a red dress with a white belt caught your eyes. Perfect; the colours of Mattie’s flag! You quickly slipped the dress on along with some flip flops and combed through your hair with your fingers as you ran down the stairs and to Alfred’s car.

“Open up, I’m here!” You rapidly knocked on the door.

“Whoa, chill there, (Name). Nothing to get all frantic over; you’re only… fifteen minutes late. Well then, never mind.” Alfred’s voice was as loud as usual, but this time, you sensed something was off. Alfred quickly started the car and drove noticeably above the speed limit. Obviously something was wrong if the ‘hero’ was breaking laws…

“Hey Alfie, what are you scheming now?” Your voice was filled with suspicion.

“Heh heh, why would you even ask that, (Name)? What do you mean, ‘scheming’?” Alfred laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Jones. Tell me now.”

“… um, okay. I know you love my brother, okay?”

“Yes, I know you know.” You blushed, still slightly embarrassed whenever Al mentioned Mattie.

“Well, I have a perfect plan to set you guys up.”

“What the hell? No! Lemme out of this car! I’ll confess whenever I’m ready!!” You whined as you struggled to manually unlock the door with your nails.

“Hey, hey (Name). Calm down; I never said you had to confess.”  You stopped in your tracks. Oh no. If it’s not a confession, it had to be much worse. It had to be a Francis method or something; something like using roses to seduce people and bring them to your bed and then –

“I was planning on playing spin the bottle.”

Ah, crap. You were right. It was a million times worse than a confession.

--Time skip: Because Malls are overrated and ice cream is indescribably heavenly --

After hanging out all day with your friends, you found yourself at Alfred’s house preparing to go swimming in his backyard pool and partying with the few that decided to stay for the sleepover. Music blared from his Bose music system and tables of food were lined up around the proximity of the pool. It was like Alfred’s little piece of heaven.

But not yours.

In your hurry to find a pretty outfit for the Canadian this morning, you forgot to even bring a swimsuit. You were stuck sitting on a lawn chair watching your friends have splash wars in the pool while you stared longingly.

“Hey (Name), why aren’t you swimming with us?” Alfred called from the pool.

“I forgot my swimsuit!” You shouted back. Alfred made his way out of the pool and dragged you inside the house; a shy pair of purple eyes tracing you and Alfred’s movements jealously. “What are you doing, Al?”

“I thought you’d forget. So I came prepared, and I bought you one!” Alfred held up a skimpy bikini proudly. Your face turned beet red at even the thought of wearing close to nothing in front of Matthew, but to make matters worse, Alfred had chosen the most embarrassing pattern ever. No, it wasn’t tacky neon cheetah spots, nor was it aliens and UFOs. It was the Canadian flag.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You just went and bought this thing?! Did you just walk into Bikini Village and browse around the store for like half an hour for something like this? Alfred Jones, I’m not going to wear it.” You crossed your arms and walked back to the pool, but not before Alfred caught your wrist.

“Work with me, (Name)! Don’t you like Mattie-poo?” Alfred mimicked your secret nickname for his brother. You blushed and even deeper shade of red and tried to escape his grasp, but he was too strong.

“Why are you so persistent, Jones?!” You were definitely getting frustrated. “I wouldn’t wear it even if you promised to stop eating hamburgers for the rest of your life.”

“Hey! Just… trust me on this, (Name). Come on, aren’t I your best friend and your crush’s brother?”

“The latter is what scares me most.”

“Oh come on, you wimp.”

“Fine, give it here.” You sighed as your will crumbled beneath Alfie’s puppy dog eyes and pout. Alfred better know what he was doing.

You changed quickly into the bikini, wrapping a towel around your body but casting it aside as you approached the edge of the pool. Alfred grinned and gave you a thumbs-up from behind Matt, but you refused to return a gesture of acknowledgement.

“Woo-hoo, are those my colours, (Name)?” Mathias let out an obnoxious cat call. “Red and white for the win!”

“You idiot, it has a maple leaf!” Lukas grabbed for Mathias’s tie, forgetting that they were swimming and all they had on were swimming trunks. Lukas settled with using his hands to strangle him. Mathias laughed loudly as he swam away, splashing Lukas in the face with chlorinated water in the process. You looked for Matthew and swam towards him, ignoring the lustful stares of the BTT.

“Hey Matthew, happy birthday!” you made extra sure that your secret pet names for him never slipped out. You would just die of embarrassment if Matt knew you had sickeningly sweet fantasies about your non-existent relationship with him.

“Eh? Hi, (Name). Thank you,” Matthew smiled as he met your eyes, but quickly looked away. He blushed as he looked at your swimsuit. “I, um, l-like your swimsuit…” he nearly whispered the last part, but you definitely heard. A grin broke across your face.

“Thanks, Alfie bought it for me.” You smiled because Alfred was right; it got Matt’s attention. But in your brief spell of happiness, you didn’t notice that the Canadian’s eyes flashed with jealousy and his small smile had quickly turned into a frown.

“Cool. So… do you like Alfred?”

“Yeah, he’s like my best friend ever!” You giggled nervously. What was wrong with you? You’ve known him for ever, but why were you giggling like a lovesick teenage girl? Oh wait – that’s because you are one.

“…” And with that, your conversation was over. A grin was plastered on your face for the entire time you were in the pool, and in your bliss, you failed to notice Matthew’s jealousy and curiosity when he questioned you about his American brother.


After swimming, you had promptly taken a shower in Alfred’s bathroom and dried off before slipping your red and white dress back on. You went back down the stairs to meet up with your friends; the smell of pizza wafting up to your nose and the sound of horror movies reaching your ears.

“Yo, (Name)!” Alfred came bounding up to you as he shuddered when a scream echoed through the main hall. Clearly Elizabeta was not cut out for horror movies, and poor Roderich had to patiently endure her constant death grip on his arm.

“Hey, am I late for the movie?” You asked, hoping that you were. You didn’t really like horror movies, especially when watching with a certain American who freaked out at every jump scare or twitch in the dark. Cough – Alfred.

“Yeah. There’s like ten minutes left of it. Then we’ll play spin the bottle!” He winked at you suggestively. You smacked him playfully with the back of your hand, but you felt blood rise to your cheeks.

“Stop that! I won’t do it!”You huffed and crossed your arms as you looked at your toes and blushed deeper.

“The swimsuit plan worked; why don’t you trust me, (Name)? Come on!”

“… just because I got his attention doesn’t mean he likes me back, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“Pleeeease, (Name)?” Alfred whined, giving you the puppy dog eyes again when you looked up at him.

“Pfft, no! And stop with those eyes already!”

“A-Alfred, (Name), are you two okay?” A beautiful voice cut through your conversation as you turned to face the interrupter. “I h-heard your voices getting louder…”

“O-oh. Um, hi Matthew. Alfred and I were just talking about, um…” You stuttered and refused to look at the handsome Canadian, trailing off to prevent yourself from causing further embarrassment. Alfred just chuckled at your reaction, but stopped when he received an unexpected chilling glare from his brother.  

“Heh, heh… Well, uh, now’s the perfect time to play spin the bottle! HEY EVERYONE! MOVIE’S OVER, LET’S PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE!” Alfred screamed as you covered your ears. He was loud enough as it was, but when he chose to scream, it was almost deafening. You wondered how you ever became best friends with that American. You snuck a glance at Matt, but when you met his eyes, you blushed and quickly looked away. Your friends came flooding out of the TV room, their eyes still adjusting to the brightness of the main hallway.  

“Whaat, but mi amigo, I don’t want to! I wanted to watch the last few minutes!” Antonio complained.

“Stop zhat whining; maybe you’ll get a kiss from (Name)!” Gilbert joked as he winked at you. You felt a threatening aura from behind you. But no way could Matt be jealous. He was Gilbert’s friend and he definitely knew he was joking and would never hit on you, right? And even so, Matt deserved so much more than you… no way could he like plain old you.

“Honhonhon, mon ami just wants a kiss from Elizabeta!” Francis elbowed Gil and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“How dare you - ! Stay away from my Elizabeta!” Roderich scowled at the trio.

“You people are clearly overreacting. It’s just a stupid game, and we don’t all have to play, do we?” Emil sighed.

“I wanna play!”

“Shut up, stupid Dane!”

“Th’s c’uld b’ ’nt’r’st’ng.”

“OKAY EVERYONE GET IN A CIRCLE!” Alfred screamed again. “And that includes you, (Name)!”  You scowled at him and tried to escape, but Elizabeta towed you by your arm to a spot next to her in the circle.

Oh, dear god. Here we go.

“And (Name) has the honour of going first, since she’s my best friend.” Alfred smirked at your flustered reaction.

“No, I don’t wanna - ”


“I want to go first.” Natalia muttered.

“Yeah, sure!” You sighed in relief as you handed the bottle over to the Belarusian, not wanting to defy her desires anyways. After all, you heard that she had as accurate a throw with knives as Vash did with guns. Natalia spun the bottle as Alfred scowled at you; you returned a cheeky smile.

“Big brother…” Natalia walked across the circle to her smiling brother Ivan, but as she did so, his smile immediately disappeared as he stood up and took off from the house. “Big brother! Marry me!” Natalia screamed as she chased him out of the door. When she left, the room instantaneously burst into laughter.

“Okay, now (Name), spin.” Alfred commanded. Damn, there was no way out of this one.

“Erm, anyone else want to go instead?”

“Nope, we’re good. Spin it already!”

“Fine.” You grumbled. With a flick of your wrist, the bottle was sent into a centripetal motion. It slowed as it drifted past Roderich… Ludwig… Antonio… Gilbert… Francis – thank the Lord - … Matthew. You gasped in surprise, not wanting to believe your luck. But of course, that was too good to be true. The bottle continued to move ever so slowly, and past your crush. And to his older brother, Alfred.

“Shit.” You two muttered in unison, refusing to look in each other’s eyes. No, no, no! This could NOT happen to you! You couldn’t do this! ARGH and it was all his fault too! He wanted you to spin, and, well, no way in hell would you kiss him. Ever. Especially in front of Mattie.

“Kesesese, Alfred, you lucky bastard!” Gilbert slapped Alfred on the back and pushed him into your direction.

“Oh. My. God. (Name), go now!” Elizabeta’s excitement was the polar opposite of how you were feeling.

“Maple! I think (Name) should spin again…” Matthew quietly mumbled, knowing his opinion would be lost in the background of all the chaos that was beginning to happen. But you definitely heard, and hoped he meant more to that than what was said.

“Non, you have to kiss her!” Francis laughed his creepy laugh and pushed Alfred too strongly into your direction. Alfred fell on top of you, his entire body now pressing you against the ground. A massive blush reached both of your faces – yours deepening even more – as Alfred leaned down and pecked you on the lips.

“Sorry,” he whispered in your ears as you pushed him off. Tears began to prick at the corners of your eyes.

“I think I’m done here,” you forced a smile and left promptly, forgetting that Alfred had promised to drive you back home until you went outside. Great; you’ll have to walk four kilometres home in flip flops.

--Back inside the house--

(3rd person P.O.V.)

Matthew’s face was flushed with jealousy and tears of heartbreak were threatening to spill; his older brother Alfred had once again taken what he wanted most! It was always because Alfred was more outgoing, more social, and more athletic! It just wasn’t fair! The one thing – or person, to be exact – that he wanted in his life most had to be taken away from him. He loved (Name) so much, more than anything. And he wasn’t about to let his shyness get the best of him now when it was the most important time. No, Matthew was going to win (Name) over, even if that meant taking her from his loud and obnoxious brother.

--Flashback: grade 4--

“Who doesn’t have a partner for this medieval castle project?” The teacher asked. Matthew’s hand immediately shot up, though no one noticed. Not even the teacher. “Perfect, everyone’s good to go! So I expect that you’ll have the project done in a month, okay? If you need extra help, don’t be afraid to ask your parents or me, either.” The teacher meant well, but she simply could not remember the shy blonde Canadian boy who recently transferred into her class.

At recess, Matthew hid behind the portable classroom and started to cry, muffling his sobs in the back of his stuffed toy polar bear.

“No one notices me, no one c-cares about me! They only like A-Alfred…”

“Hi! Are you okay?” A cheery voice cut through his fog of depression and he reluctantly raised his head to see a cute little girl with (h/c) hair and sparkling (e/c) eyes, full of energy.

“O-oh. Do you need someone to talk to?” She sat next to him and patted his head.

“Eh? Y-you can see me?” The shy boy sniffled.

“Of course I can! So what’s wrong?” Matthew just met the girl, but he felt as if she was someone he could definitely trust and build a close friendship with for a long time.

“Well…” And with that, a beautiful friendship began to form.

--Flash forward: grade 8--

“Hey, (Name),” The shy Canadian whispered. It didn’t matter; (Name) always could hear him.

“Hey Matthew!” She grinned at her close friend, but her smile quickly dissipated when she saw his downcast expression. “What’s wrong?”

“… nothing.” Matthew refused to tell her how no one asked him to the graduation dance. Everyone wanted to go with his older brother Alfred, who was infinitely popular with the other girls in his class. Though Matthew didn’t show it, it hurt him deeply when he was ignored.

“It’s obviously not nothing, Matthew Williams. Tell me.” Her stern voice was full of concern.

“It’s really stupid.”

“No problem is really stupid. I’ll help you fix it,”

“No one wants to go to the dance with me…” Matthew blushed and looked away from (Name). He really liked her and had wanted to ask her forever, but since not even one girl asked him to the dance, he figured (Name) of all girls wouldn’t want to go with him. After all, she’d probably go with someone more social, more popular; someone better than he ever could be for her and –

“Matt, want to go to the dance with me?” He looked up at her in surprise, another rush of blood reaching his face. Her warm smile and inviting eyes showed her sincerity. It only made him fall even more in love with her.


--End of flashback~ back to Mattie-poo--

(2nd person P.O.V.)

Matthew raced out of the house, spotting (Name) walking down the street a few blocks later.

“(Name)!” He called, raising his voice. You stopped and turned around, thinking at first that it was Alfred, but the softness in the voice told you it was someone else. Your crush, to be exact.

“Mattie?” You slapped a hand over your mouth, noticing your pet name for him finally slipped your tongue. You crossed your fingers and hoped he didn’t hear it.

“(Name)!” He panted slightly as he caught up to you.

“… hi. Um, about Alfred back there, it’s just a game, and I really didn’t mean to play it. I don’t - ” You started to ramble, not really wanting to see Matthew of all people right that instant. You actually wanted to curl up in a little ball and die of embarrassment after washing your mouth with soap, no offense to Alfred intended. Just… your best friend kissed you. That was a definite no-no, especially if your best friend happened to be your crush’s older brother.

“You like Alfred.” Matthew stated, cutting you off. His violet eyes narrowed when the accusation left his lips. Oh, those soft pink lips… (Name), concentrate!

“Wait, what? Hell no! Why would you even say that? I thought I told you he and I are only best friends, and didn’t you see how Francis just pushed Alfred onto me? It wasn’t even my fault! I didn’t want to play that game at all, and Elizabeta forced me to! I wanted to just celebrate your birthday and make it the best, but I didn’t want it to turn really awkward and I just wanted to tell you that I liked you later but Alfred kept insisting on - ”

You were cut off once again, but this time Matthew smashed his lips against yours. You were frozen in surprise for a fraction of a second, but then melted into the kiss. You tangled your hands into his soft blonde hair as he pulled you in closer, wrapping his arms around your waist. He tasted of sweet maple, making you want to prolong the kiss. When you pulled away, you were both breathless. Yet Matthew managed to speak the words that were in his heart for you since the moment you met:

“I love you.”

His voice was less than a whisper, but you heard it as clear as daylight.
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Plot by me~~ :D

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! :D I got like 4 Canadian flags today from a festival near my house :3

Check out my other ___ x readers here:
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